A quick note…

As many of you have noticed, PluginUpdate development has been halted for over a year. We’re currently exploring options to continue further development of PluginUpdate in the future, and in the mean time, we’ll make sure that the current version continues to function.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions.

UPDATE: “Missing Plugins” Bug Fixed in PluginUpdate 1.0.4 for Windows

Thanks to our awesome users, we’ve uncovered (and fixed) an issue in where some plugins’ version information is encoded in such a way that the plugins do not show up in the Installed tab. This issue has been fixed in PluginUpdate 1.0.4 for Windows.

PluginUpdate 1.0.3 Released – Windows Support Added

We’re proud to announce the release of PluginUpdate 1.0.3. This version adds support for Windows and adds a few other enhancements.

Please note: On Windows, only VST plugins are supported at this time. We are still working on support for Pro Tools AAX, RTAS, and TDM plugins in Windows.

PluginUpdate 1.0.2 Mac Beta Posted

PluginUpdate 1.0.2 Mac Beta fixes the crashing behavior some users experienced during scan with the 1.0.2 release from a few hours ago. It is recommended for all users.

PluginUpdate 1.0.1 Mac Beta Posted

Our second public beta for Mac, PluginUpdate 1.0.1, has been posted to our server. Simply run PluginUpdate, and it will notify you to download the new version, or you can go to the download page.

PluginUpdate 1.0.1 adds a progress meter, and many other enhancements. See the version history for details.

PluginUpdate Public Beta 1.0.0 Review on Pro Tools Expert

Pro Tools Expert has posted a review of PluginUpdate Public Beta 1.0.0 already. We haven’t even been live 24 hours, that’s amazingly fast! Here’s their video review that accompanies the text review:

So, the number one bit of feedback so far from the user community has been about the password strength requirements. We’ll be making this much easier in our next update, with a password strength meter and less stringent requirements. We’ll also be adding deeper links to plugin sub-sites.

Thank you to the Pro Tools Expert team for the excellent and honest review! We agree with all of your feedback, and we want to make PluginUpdate the best it can be.

PluginUpdate Mac Beta Launch

Kazrog LLC is proud to announce the launch of the PluginUpdate Mac beta. We will be launching the Windows beta soon, so be sure to sign up for our email list to be notified when it goes live.

PluginUpdate 1.0.0 Screenshot